Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

Cavities are caused by the bacteria in the plaque feeding on the sugars in our diet. There is a genetic component to getting cavities, and we know that the bacteria that cause cavities can be spread from the parent or care giver to a child. Keep your and your child’s bacteria counts down with the removal of plaque through brushing properly. Keep the quantity of sugar accessible to the bacteria down by feeding your child less sugary foods. Some of the worst foods for cavities are the “healthy” foods such a sugary dried fruits, fruits juices and sports drinks. Never put a baby to sleep with a bottle of sugary liquids such as milk or juice. The sugars in these liquids pool around the teeth and it may allow for the development of “Baby bottle decay”.

Make certain that as soon as your child is able to spit, they are using a fluoride toothpaste. A daily exposure to fluoride may help prevent cavities from developing. If you are using bottled water or your water flows through a filtration system, you need to discuss the issue of fluoride supplements with Dr. Bollwinkel or your child’s pediatrician. This is important in the prevention of decay for the developing permanent teeth.