Multiple Family Cleanings

Our office has 2 full-time hygienists and 1 part-time hygienist, which enables us to provide multiple cleanings at one time. Our patients appreciate that they can bring multiple children at one time and husbands and wives enjoy coming at the same time, which saves time and multiple trips. Many of our patients come from as far as San Diego, Prescott, Globe, west Phoenix, as well as our local patients, appreciate being able to take care of all their dental needs in one visit.

Welcome to Gilbert Dental Center, specializing in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.

For over 30 years, the Gilbert Dental Center has been known for their genuine commitment to delivering quality and comprehensive dental services.

It is the steadfast focus on comfort, convenience and excellence that sets Gilbert Dental apart.

From lifelong family care to exquisite advanced smile designs, Dr. Bollwinkel, Dr. Packer and their team are respected as progressive leaders by their peers and patients.

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